Chive Blossom Vinegar recipe at Ginger and Baker

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with using aromatic blossoms in ways that preserve their essence

We love to serve Chef Deb’s Spring Pea Soup for guests this time of year. Simple to make and filled

Team Cake? Team Pie? Everyone wins! by Chef Deb Traylor We spend a fair amount of time talking (and dreaming)

Spread some radish butter on toasted sourdough bread and experience one of the true pleasures of the season! (originally published

by Chef Deb Traylor. (originally published on February 14, 2016.) Happy Valentine’s Day! To celebrate we’ve created a tart using

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We grow all kinds of pumpkins on our farm, and every year we fill the Market with all sizes, shapes

The smell of fresh lilacs is one of the great treats of spring and now that they are starting to

As a kid who grew up in a small south Texas town on the Gulf Coast, I can’t claim to

By Chef Deb Traylor One of the real pleasures I have as a chef and a culinary instructor is hearing

by Chef Deb Traylor Not a day goes by that we don’t get asked questions about how we came up

by Chef Deb Traylor Ever since we began, we’ve worked to make sure menu items always include an element of

by Chef Deb Traylor When we filmed this video earlier this year, I was still over the moon from trip

This recipe is for die-hard chocoholics… so simple, it’s really hard to believe it only has two ingredients: chocolate and

I am a self-professed “food pusher.” Early in my career, I used to volunteer at my local farmer’s market

One of the things that many cooks and chefs do when they have time off is reach out to other

Palisade peaches are peaking and a great way to enjoy their juicy sweetness is in a flash-fried hand pie. Join

Join Ginger in the Ginger and Baker Teaching Kitchen as she shares one of her mom’s famous recipes – Earlene’s

Crunchy, sweet and spicy! Join Chef Deb Traylor in the Ginger and Baker Teaching Kitchen as she shares her recipe