Ginger and Baker is proud to be a member of the Fort Collins community and works to be a valued community partner. We’re focused on supporting our hometown of Fort Collins and its history, community and sustainable growth.

Please fill out the Donation Request Form below and we will take it into review.

Our Donation Guidelines

While we understand many organizations are in need of monetary and in-kind donations, Ginger and Baker focuses primarily on supporting organizations within our mission and vision including requests supporting:

  • Food education and food security
  • Agricultural education, sustainability, gardening
  • River District growth and engagement
  • Fort Collins’ history and community development

When applying for a donation, please explain how your organization works to support one or more of the above areas and follow the below guidelines:

  • Please provide your request 30 days prior to your event.
  • Our donations include product or gift cards, we do not provide monetary support.
  • We consider donation requests made through this form, not by phone or in person.
  • Because of the overwhelming number of requests received, please understand if we cannot meet your request.

Donation Requests

  • Organization Name
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Non Profit or Tax ID
  • Please Specify Your Donation Request
  • Please provide any additional information such as how your organization benefits the community