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Ginger and Baker team at Fort Collins St. Patrick's Day Parade Ginger and Baker team offering free samples at a fort collins community event Temple Grandin at a Community Event at Ginger and Baker in Fort Collins
Creative collaborations

Community Partnerships

Since before we opened our doors, we’ve had the great fortune to collaborate with a wealth of talented people in our Northern Colorado community.

Master builders shared their skills during our renovation and construction, while craftsmen and women created beautiful furniture and art from reclaimed parts of the old mill.

Local food artisans now lend their talent to help create our house coffee, teas, spices and more, while the Market shelves showcase the skill and passion of local artists.

Learn more about some of our partnerships:

Pin & Scroll, Donoho Blacksmith, Kate Dubas Design, Jodar Farms, Bindle Coffee, Pi Chai, Old Town Spice Shop, Hazel Dell Mushrooms.

Aaron Rice of Jodar Farms supplies Ginger and Baker with fresh eggs in Fort Collins
Jennifer Lopez of Swallowtail Pi Chai makes Coconut Chai for Ginger and Baker
Jenn and Andrew Webb of Bindle Coffee make Ginger and Baker's house blend coffee
Ginger and Baker spice blends from Old Town Spice in Fort Collins
Jared Scherger of Hazel Dell Mushrooms from a story on Ginger and Baker's blog
Caring for the land


Ever since our old grain mill was first built, the health of the business has gone hand in hand with the health of the land and community, from seed to crop, to food for the animals and the people who kept it all going.

Today, understanding the need for a healthy planet continues to be a part of the Ginger and Baker philosophy. It just makes sense. Because of this, we’re always looking for ways to make our business more sustainable, from our composting and recycling programs to locally sourcing as many ingredients as we can. Learn more here.

Jodar Farms Eggs at Ginger and Baker

Donation Requests

Ginger and Baker is proud to be a member of the Fort Collins community and works to be a valued community partner. We’re focused on supporting our hometown of Fort Collins and its history, community and sustainable growth.

Please fill out the Donation Request Form below and we’ll get back to you!

Our Donation Guidelines:

While we understand many organizations are in need of monetary and in-kind donations, Ginger and Baker focuses primarily on supporting organizations within our mission and vision including requests supporting:

  • Food education and food security
  • Agricultural education, sustainability, gardening
  • River District growth and engagement
  • Fort Collins’ history and community development

When applying for a donation, please explain how your organization works to support one or more of the above areas and follow the below guidelines:

  • Please provide your request 30 days prior to your event.
  • Our donations include product or gift cards, we do not provide monetary support.
  • We consider donation requests made through this form, not by phone or in person.

Because of the overwhelming number of requests received, please understand if we cannot meet your request.

Donation Requests