Connection and Continuation

Painting the sign at Ginger and Baker's historic grain mill in Fort Collins

by Chef Deb Traylor

Not a day goes by that we don’t get asked questions about how we came up with our name, Ginger and Baker.  I’m always fielding questions like: “Is there a real Ginger?” You bet. “Chef Deb, is your last name Baker?” Nope. “Deb, are you the Head Baker? Again, no (I’m the Culinary Director). And, “Is Ginger and Baker somehow related to that drummer for a famous rock group?” Heck no.

While the Ginger refers to Ginger Graham, who owns Ginger and Baker with her husband, Jack, and the Baker is a nod to our original idea of opening a pie shop, I think the most significant part of our name is not so much who the “Ginger” or the “Baker” is, rather it’s the conjunction “and” that brings it (and us) all together.

We decided on our name after spending many hours distilling what we wanted our community to experience when they visited.  As many of you may remember, we started off as a pie shop and we became much more. We felt that the “and in our name was about connection, inclusion and continuation. Connection with the community and with local artisans, farmers and businesses, and with Fort Collins’ rich history.

So,  when you step into Ginger and Baker you have: old and new, Bakery and Coffee Shop, Café and The Cache, Wine Cellar and Mill Top, North Patio and Rooftop Bar, Teaching Kitchen and Market, sweet pies and savory pies, local produce and our small farm, popsicles and pawfogotos (Ginger and BARKer dog menu, for the win). 

It is with tremendous relief that I get to write this new blog after a year of the world being closed and less connected. We’ve all been affected, we’ve all wondered “what comes next?” Which brings me to the last meaning of “and” in our Ginger and Baker name. 


In spite of last year’s challenges, we’re so happy to be able continue to offer all the “and’s,” and we continue to be grateful for the support from our community.

Wishing all of our friends more connection, a continuation of good health and many servings of happiness.

Sunrise in Fort Collins
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