Since the very beginning, when we were planning our little pie shop that grew to become Ginger and Baker, people were quick to share their favorite pie stories. There’s just something about pie that conjures memories and brings people together. Enjoy a few pie stories and quotes we’ve collected and share your own below!

Pie Story from Ginger and Baker in Fort Collins Colorado

We live ‘full time” in Fredericksburg, VA, but two years ago we bought a cabin in the Poudre River Valley.

When I was 11 or 12, I told my grandfather one time that I liked German Chocolate Pie from Marie

My grandfather made a trunk for my mother for her to start collecting items to take with her when she

I broke my oven door because I could never make a pie crust. My grandmother came to visit and helped

When dating my husband, we would to to the Charco Broiler and he would order Banana Cream Pie for his

In a moment of deep distress, Nothing but pie could mend my soul. The End *This is a true story

I was probably four years old when the High Park Fire happened. My math teacher lost her house. Our friends

Shortly after we got married in 1982 (and living in Fort Collins) I told my wife how much I love

When it comes to pie, it’s all about the crust for me! It’s just plain “cheating” to purchase a ready-made

This story isn’t exactly about pie. It’s about pie plates!I brought a lovely Brie to work, planning to share it

In September of 2005, I couldn’t have laid my hands on any of the five pie plates in this picture.

My maternal grandmother, Anne Elizabeth Bender, was a force to be reckoned with. Her strength and resilience knew no bounds.

My mama’s kitchen was always full of activity. Evelyn Campbell was always cooking, canning, frying, baking, or fixing something to

In 2001, my husband George and I took a wonderful road trip to Nova Scotia. One of the many enjoyable

My mother only learned to cook after she married my father. A hard-working farm girl, she married into a family

My fondest memories that involve pie are of my mother-in-law, Marge Gerber. She was of that Midwest mentality that pie

When I was around 10 years old, in 1957 or so, my mother made Dream Pumpkin Pies for the first

The first time meeting my now fiancé’s family in his hometown of Green Bay, Wisconsin, was not under the greatest

I lived overseas as a child and when we would come to the States in the summers I always looked