We live ‘full time” in Fredericksburg, VA, but two years ago we bought a cabin in the Poudre River Valley. We discovered Ginger and Baker the first month we were here. Now we come about once a month in the summer and fall, and this is our first stop each time we come to Fort Collins. This is the first year we decided to have our kids come here for Thanksgiving! Our daughter lives in Denver, son flew in from Las Vegas.

I planned a great meal and ordered “the best pumpkin pie ever!” ( thanks to a reminder email to do so!!!)
Then… WEATHER!!! Flights canceled till Wednesday! We made it to Denver, YES! Roads not great, but  we made it to our Jeep in Loveland! GOOD! Took an hour, but made it to GB around 7:30pm Wednesday night! “Will they be open? Will the pie be there?!?” YES!

Pascal greeted us and remembered we were coming from Virginia, she expressed worry if we would make it! Told us to be careful!….this was so great!!!!
But the very BEST was serving the BEST PUMPKIN PIE EVER to our family! It made our first Thanksgiving in Colorado the best!

P.S. This just may become a new family tradition!
Thanks GB! See you in JUNE!

By Maurine

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