Nana’s Scratch-Made Pies

I was probably four years old when the High Park Fire happened. My math teacher lost her house. Our friends had to evacuate. My Nana’s house was near the fire in the Poudre Canyon.

We were going to go to a sleepover at Nana’s house one night and make strawberry rhubarb pie and peach cobbler, they’re my favorites and her specialties. That day, my best friend asked me to have a sleepover with her. I said yes since Nana and I could make pie anytime. Thank goodness I chose the sleepover, it may have saved my life, because that night Nana was evacuated. I got lots of pie that summer though, because she and her cats stayed with us. They all came through without a scratch. (Although I did get a few scratches from the cats.)

By Lia Noel

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