Picking Berries & Making Pies

I lived overseas as a child and when we would come to the States in the summers I always looked forward to visiting Grandma and Grandpa Co, my dad’s parents, in Oregon. Grandpa Co had an incredible garden, and every night we would pick vegetables to go in our salads or to grill with burgers. During the days, Grandma Co, my sister and I would pick berries and make pies. I learned how to roll out pie crust at about age 4, always got into flour fights with my sister (sorry Trin!), and made the best memories with family in that kitchen and garden, baking until we dropped. My favorite pie to this day is strawberry, because it reminds me of summer afternoons in their backyard. I tell people that I’m not a huge sweets person, and it’s true for the most part, but I’ll never turn down a slice of pie!

By Tatum Cochran

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