Pumpkins in the Teaching Kitchen at Ginger and Baker in Fort Collins

We grow all kinds of pumpkins on our farm, and every year we fill the Market with all sizes, shapes

The smell of fresh lilacs is one of the great treats of spring and now that they are starting to

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with using aromatic blossoms in ways that preserve their essence

You’ll find Forevergreen Farm’s beautiful microgreens throughout Ginger and Baker, garnishing entrees in The Cache and making event dishes look

By Chef Deb Traylor One of the real pleasures I have as a chef and a culinary instructor is hearing

Just outside of Fort Collins, there’s a small sign in front of an old farmstead that reads Hazel Dell Mushrooms.

Join Ginger as she takes us on a tour of Ginger and Baker’s bee hives! Ginger has been beekeeping for

Have you tried one of our cocktails spiked with fresh herbs? Or our creamy chicken pot pie bursting with veggies

For the edible flowers and herbs, (courtesy of Woolly Goat Farm and the Ginger and Baker Farm), we used violets, pansies, violet

Gunpowder Rub, Mesa Masala and Crust Dust are just a few of Ginger and Baker’s aromatic new house spice blends,

Step into the Coffeeshop here at Ginger and Baker and the first thing you may notice are the smells –

Ever since we began, we’ve known that really good pie would be central to Ginger and Baker, so it was

As the days get shorter, the garden starts winding down.  I am a bit overwhelmed with fruits, vegetables, herbs and

When our old grain mill opened its doors over 100 years ago, the health of the business went hand in

When pulling into Jodar Farms outside Fort Collins, the first things you’ll probably notice are the chickens wandering, clucking and

Do you remember the first thing you ever cooked? Remember who helped you? Maybe it was your mom or grandmother

Crack open the speckled shell of a farm fresh egg and you’ll find that dazzling yellow yolk that ups the