Ever since we began, we’ve known that really good pie would be central to Ginger and Baker, so it was essential to have a really good cup of coffee to keep that pie company. Enter Andrew Webb, the coffee artisan behind Bindle Coffee and the man who roasts our house blend coffee, trains our baristas, keeps our equipment calibrated and helps make the coffee experience here extra special.

Born and raised in Fort Collins, Andrew spent years in the coffee industry, while his wife, Jenn, pursued a career in pastry. Three years ago, they opened Bindle Coffee, and have been on the ‘Best of Fort Collins’ lists ever since.

Jenn and Andrew Webb

“We just want to just be a place of community, where people feel transported and welcome,“ Andrew said. “When I met with the team at Ginger and Baker, it seemed like they shared that same vision, creating a moment in time for people and appreciating the craft of making something.” 

“One of our goals is to buy traceable coffees. We work directly with individual farmers and a few amazing importers who are ‘boots on the ground,’” Andrew said. “We bought a cow for a farm in Burundi, Africa, last year as part of our importer’s ‘Coffee Cows’ initiative. We buy coffee from them year after year, but it was amazing to see our community rally around a community they’ll most likely never meet. As their quality of life improves, the quality of the coffee gets even better. It’s a win win.”

“Coffee is about people in every part of the process,” he said. “It’s really cool to be able to connect a place and a face with the coffee you’re drinking. It’s not about traceability for pretentious reasons, it just enhances the experience and makes it more worth it when you know you’re helping build a water system or helping buy a village a cow.”

Our Culinary Director, Chef Deb TrayIor, couldn’t agree more. “We love the fact that Andrew not only roasts our coffee, he helps us get to know all about those beans,” she said. “He just keeps showing up and teaching us ways to be better.”

“We share the same philosophy of building community,” Deb added. “We constantly talk about maintaining a sense of connection in both of our places. So that every time someone comes through the door they feel welcome and recognize the love that goes into everything we make.”

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