Join Ginger as she takes us on a tour of Ginger and Baker’s bee hives! Ginger has been beekeeping for more than 10 years and her hives provide honey and honeycomb for the Market and dishes in the Café and The Cache restaurants.

Here are a few stats from Ginger:
There are six hives at the Ginger and Baker farm, and August/September is honey harvest time. Last year, we put up 235 pounds of honey!

The majority of the bees are Italian honey bees and going into autumn a healthy hive hosts around 50,000 bees. Through the winter they will all circle around the queen and work hard all day and night to keep her warm. Those worker bees then die and when we start next spring we could be down to a few thousand.

We put the hives on the south side of an irrigation ditch here on the farm where they have protection from the wind in the winter and have full sun all day.

Right now, as the flowers and plants go dormant, we’re supplementing their food with sugar water and pollen to make sure that they have enough stored to make it through our Colorado winters.

Come on by Ginger and Baker and try some honey!
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