Happy Chickens, Good Eggs

When pulling into Jodar Farms outside Fort Collins, the first things you’ll probably notice are the chickens wandering, clucking and pecking at the grasses. “It’s not worth the effort to keep them corralled,” says Aaron Rice, Jodar Farms owner. “And it’s part of the reason the eggs are as good as they are.”

Those farm fresh eggs, from Aaron’s flock of 1400 free-range hens fed on local grain, are an integral part of everything from Benedicts to omelets in our Café and The Cache. “You can recognize Jodar eggs right away,” said Chef Deb Traylor, Ginger and Baker’s Culinary Director. “Both because they come in so many beautiful colors and because of their rich, almost buttery taste.”

Jodar Farms has been family-run since 1992, when it was established by Aaron’s father, who also worked as a police officer – hence the farm’s name, JODAR, an acronym for ‘Juvenile Officer Douglas Alan Rice.’

Aaron took over the farm after graduating from CSU with a degree in Geology. He implemented free-range grazing and other all-natural growing practices with a goal of producing wholesome, nutrient-rich foods. “We think animals should experience the things in life that make us all happy… warm sunshine, green grass and cool breezes,” said Aaron.

Aaron Rice of Jodar Farms supplies Ginger and Baker with fresh eggs in Fort Collins

“For us, it’s wonderful knowing how the animals are raised, and that the eggs are produced just a handful of miles away,” said Chef Deb. “And we love that he delivers the eggs himself and even has a personal connection with the building.”

Aaron’s connection to Ginger and Baker’s restored grain mill goes back quite a few years. “I was born and raised in Fort Collins and worked at the old Feeder’s Supply when I was 18,” he said. “Lots of stories, a bit of beer and a whole bunch of history in this place. It’s great to be part of a new chapter.”

(You can find Jodar Farms eggs at the Boulder County Farmers Markets in Longmont and Boulder as well as at the Jodar Farms Sunday Farm Store. For more info, visit JodarFarms.com)


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