Soft Pretzels with Beer Cheese Dipping Sauce Recipe Video at Ginger and Baker

Making these pretzels is a perfect way to spend a chilly day, and it is so worth it when your

Have you ever wanted to taking a cooking class with you child, grandchild, niece, nephew, etc.? Now is your chance!

One of the things that many cooks and chefs do when they have time off is reach out to other

We have video of the free-range chicken that once roamed the sidewalk and lots of photos of baby chicks for

In our latest video, take a tour of the Wine Cellar with Ginger Graham. When we were excavating the basement

Like everything in my grandmother’s trunk that we weren’t allowed to open while she was living. The crocheted doilies and

Chocolate Cake with Spiced Orange Buttercream Chocolate Cake This is our all-time favorite chocolate cake recipe! Yield: 12-18 cupcakes or

It’s a late birthday gift to her because her 21st birthday landed during a very busy time at Ginger and

Spiced Pecans Makes about 4 1/2 cups 1 lb. pecans, about 4 heaping cups 1/2 cup sugar 6 cups water

Holiday Ornament Cookies (Chef Rachel Magaña) 2 ¼ cup flour ½ tsp. baking powder ½ tsp. baking soda 3 ½

 by Ginger Graham I’ve always loved my name. It’s unique. And since it matches my hair, it’s always been

“Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday!” I’ve heard these words often in the last 13 years of my professional career. Usually

This fall, we received countless calls from from friends and neighbors with way too many apples on their hands. While

Join our head baker, Chef Rachel Maganña, in the Teaching Kitchen for a lesson in baking up a perfectly spiced

As the days get shorter, the garden starts winding down. I am a bit overwhelmed with fruits, vegetables, herbs and

Video: Join Ginger Graham in The Cache at Ginger and Baker as she shares how Fort Collins’ history influenced the

When our old grain mill opened its doors over 100 years ago, the health of the business went hand in

Savoring the last tastes of summer and learn to make one of our classic cocktail recipes from The Cache, the

The heat of late summer inevitably welcomes the same conversations every year. First, it’s all about the weather: “Is it

Peach season is here! It’s time to visit your local farmers’ market or take a lovely road trip to the

Join us in the Ginger and Baker Teaching Kitchen and learn tips and tricks to create beautiful summer pies. Then