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by Chef Deb Traylor Not a day goes by that we don’t get asked questions about how we came up

Join Ginger and take a tour of some our Teaching Kitchen classes! Dedicated to play, community and learning, our Teaching

The renovation of our old mill has not only created a new chapter for the building, but it also inspired

We have video of the free-range chicken that once roamed the sidewalk and lots of photos of baby chicks for

We have breakfast all day, juicy burgers, chicken pot pie and lots of fresh-baked biscuits. Check out the menu link

In our latest video, take a tour of the Wine Cellar with Ginger Graham. When we were excavating the basement

Like everything in my grandmother’s trunk that we weren’t allowed to open while she was living. The crocheted doilies and

It’s hard to believe a year has passed since our Grand Opening on November 18, 2017! We’ve had the pleasure

Join Ginger Graham in the Mill Top as she shares some of the history and renovation details on this wonderful,

Video: Join Ginger Graham in The Cache at Ginger and Baker as she shares how Fort Collins’ history influenced the

I’m a sucker for old buildings and old things. Especially when they demonstrate human ingenuity. This old Grain Mill is

While researching our old building’s past, we learned a lot about its 100 year+ history. The location of the building

If you’ve ever hung up your coat at Ginger and Baker, you may have noticed the beautiful, hand-wrought railroad spike

I admit it, I’m a sucker for before and after pictures. Just the title “before and after” creates a sense

Taking inspiration from salvage Over the past months of restoration and construction, we’ve been incredibly lucky to work with a

A “Red Warty Thing” pumpkin from last year’s garden. Notes From the Farm by Ginger Graham I’ve always wanted a

No, we’re not talking about the recent judgement issuing an injunction against Fort Collins’ ordinance banning women from going topless,

The catwalk was once a busy part of the mill. Located on the uppermost rafters of the mill (what might

Windows, Sashes and Doors, Oh My! by Ginger Graham In 2013, the State Historical Fund and History Colorado received a

Sticky Business by Ginger Graham While the external work on the new construction is highly visible, there is also a

It’s fun to see our name in front of all of this work. In a few months, the real Ginger