It’s hard to believe a year has passed since our Grand Opening on November 18, 2017! We’ve had the pleasure of meeting thousands of people from near and far, and enjoyed tremendous support from the Fort Collins community. We are thankful.

From the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at the front steps of the historic building, to a 50th wedding anniversary in the Mill Top, a marriage proposal in The Cache and a three-generation apple pie making class in the Teaching Kitchen, it has been a joy to watch and celebrate.

Fort Collins has offered such a warm welcome. Local businesses have advised and supported us, joined with us in partnership and collaborated in making the River District an amazing addition to Old Town.

We’ve worked with Black Bottle Brewery to make a Ginger and Baker beer, with Troubadour Maltings for our own line of cereal and granola, and picked local fruit from friends’ trees for our house jelly and jams. Bindle supplies our special blend of Ginger and Baker coffee and Teakoe Tea makes four different Ginger and Baker blends. We have our own locally made Pi Chai and, working with the Old Town Spice Shop, our very own line of spices. These local collaborations are one of the things that’s special about the Fort Collins community.

Every day we try to have fun… and we make pie. In fact, in the last year, we’ve served over 8,000 pies! From pumpkin to peanut butter, fresh strawberry to savory quiche, we hope they are inspiring people to write new Pie Stories of their own.

We are also the beneficiaries of the hard work and good spirit of over 65 employees who have been with us since opening and another 50 or so that have joined us since. Their ideas, matched with feedback from our guests, add to our learning every day and we are so fortunate for the input from everyone.

We set out to create a place that Fort Collins would call “theirs” and would use for community gatherings, family celebrations and the backdrop for making new memories. At this time of year, when we all stop to give thanks and spend time with our families, we are thankful for our growing Ginger and Baker family.


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