The Cache Reservation Policies

Wine Spectator Award-winning wine list at The Cache at Ginger and Baker in Fort Collins.

The Cache has implemented a No Show & Late Cancel Fee Policy for all guests. Credit card information will be collected in our system for every reservation to ensure all guests have an excellent experience dining in The Cache.

  • Reservations require a credit card, no charges will be incurred before the night of seating.
  • Credit card information will be securely collected online through our website and also when guests make a phone reservation. We do not have access to this credit card information after it is entered into the reserve platform.
  • No Show Fees are charged per person for any individual who does not fulfill the reservation at a rate of $25 per person. For example, if guests book a table for 10 guests and only 8 arrive that evening, their bill will reflect a $25 fee for each of those missing guests.
  • Every party is notified 30 hours in advance to confirm or chancel their reservation.

Questions and Answers

Q: Why have you implemented this policy?

A: Our goal is to ensure we are staffed and ready to provide great service to our guests, and not be left with empty tables because reservations were made but not honored.  

Q: I’m not in charge of who comes, I’m just making the reservation.  I don’t want my card charged.

A: We appreciate that it can be difficult to ensure the final count for a reservation.  You can let us know the day before if any changes have occurred and we’ll make the adjustment at no charge.

Q: What if I have a last minute cancellation that I couldn’t control?

A: We are always happy to discuss! Our effort is not to be punitive but to ensure the restaurant can survive and other guests have the opportunity to join us for dinner.  No-shows impact our business and prevent others from making reservations.

Thanks for your understanding and we look forward to welcoming you for dinner in The Cache!

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