Inspired Design: Kate Dubas

The renovation of our old mill has not only created a new chapter for the building, but it also inspired a new chapter for one of the artists who helped bring it about.

Fort Collins designer Kate Dubas partnered with Ginger Graham on several of the design features during the restoration and since then, it’s become a full time career.

“I was in purchasing for 17 years, and was doing interior design on the side,” said Kate. “It was working on the Ginger and Baker project that gave me the courage to take the lap of faith to focus on my interior design business full time.

After an introduction through a mutual friend, Kate and Ginger found their design philosophies meshed. “Ginger wanted to make this building true to Fort Collins and use as much as she could from the original building.” Kate said. “I love repurposing materials as well, so we started looking at the salvage materials and working on how to bring them back.”

Kate partnered with local artists, woodworkers and welders to breathe new life into many of the salvaged pieces. Patinaed wood became shelving and picture frames, old metal added accent to tables, grain buckets turned into wall art, tin signs became wall art and even the old pulley system made it’s way into a chandelier.

Kate also created the gallery of historic pictures leading up to the second floor and helped curate the Colorado art and photography throughout the building. Several of the photographs were actually taken by Kate both in Fort Collins and across Colorado, including her dad’s ranch on the Western Slope.

“It was a great experience, I felt so lucky to be a part of the project,” Kate said. “Ginger trusted me, and it was this job that really inspired me to take it to the next level.”

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