Peach Cobbler and No Churn Peach Ice Cream

Peaches, peaches and more peaches! by Chef Deb Traylor Beautiful Colorado peaches are everywhere right now, so we thought we’d better bring you two of our favorite ways to make the most of sweet, juicy Palisade peaches while the season is in full swing. There are many, many types of cobbler recipes, but today we’re […]

Blackberry Lime Pie & Quick Orange Rolls

Pie’s Favorite Beverage by Chef Deb Traylor When Ginger and I first began dreaming of a pie shop, we didn’t spend much time thinking about the beverages we wanted to serve – our hearts and conversations were focused solely on pie! However, once we’d settled on our Linden Street space and construction and renovation began, […]

Green Tomato Tart with Bacon Onion Jam

It All Begins at the Kitchen Table by Chef Deb Traylor Every big idea starts as a simple thought or mild musing at some point in its early life. Whether it’s a little daydream, an improbable realization or somehow connecting the “dots” acquired over one’s life, I’ve often wondered what gives a simple idea its […]