Trading Hockey Sticks for Whisks

by Piper Fennimore

Last week, the Teaching Kitchen Team skated into the kitchen with the Colorado Eagles hockey team and dropped the puck on an afternoon of fun…

The goal? To learn how to cook fast, easy, nutritional meals that can sustain an athlete in training. For these 19- and 20-year-old players, this meant a move away from fast food and a jump into healthy cooking.

The class covered essential knife skills, how to breakdown a chicken and how to prep veggies for roasting; a hat trick of techniques that are easy to reproduce at home for themselves… or possibly for that special date night. 😉

The teamwork was evident and the players took to cooking as they take to the ice… determined to win! Over the course of the afternoon class, they learned how to spatchcock a chicken, season it with four deliciously different rubs and roast root vegetables. Next level meat and potatoes!

The pumpkin pie dessert round brought out the fiercest competition as the players vied for the title of whipped cream champ. What is pumpkin pie without whipped cream…and what is whipped cream without a whisking contest?

We all had so much fun and it was such a great opportunity to welcome the Eagles Hockey players, their coach and team nutritionist to the Teaching Kitchen. Go Eagles!!!

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