Tracy Hansen

Facilities Manager

How do you keep a 100-year-old building happy? Your best bet is to ask Tracy Hansen, the guy who keeps everything ticking throughout Ginger and Baker. “Basically, I do everything – repairs, moving furniture, cleaning, whatever needs to be done,” Tracy said. “The old building has its challenges, but the machinery is all pretty new and in good shape.”

Born in Evanston, Wyoming, Tracy moved to Colorado in the 80’s and became an HVAC technician. “I worked on restaurant equipment in the metro area. You learn a lot about a restaurant working that way,” he said with a laugh.

Tracy joined the Ginger and Baker team in 2019 and became facilities manager two years later. He summed it up simply, “I like the people here, and I like to fix stuff.”

When not working, Tracy enjoys fishing, camping and riding his enduro motorcycle on streets and trails. “I just don’t get carried away like I did when I was younger,” he said.

He also enjoys spending time with his daughter and her two granddaughters here in Colorado. He family also includes his son and another two grandchildren in Illinois.

His favorite pie? “Earlene’s Strawberry Pie is killer.”