Kate Cooper

Kate Cooper

Director of Events & Community Engagement

Born and raised in Phoenix, AZ, Kate grew up around barns competing at horse shows. That love of horses led her to Ft. Collins, where she majored in agricultural business and equine science and played polo for the CSU team.

Kate began honing her event management skills with equine industry non-profits and then worked with CSU, where she crafted major events for a portfolio of campus partners… and met Ginger Graham.

When Ginger and Baker began, Ginger was quick to invite Kate to bring her passion for growing community to the team. “I love to help people create events they’ll remember for a lifetime,” Kate said. “And Ginger and Baker is the perfect place for that to happen.”

Kate remembers shopping at old the Feeders Supply and she’s excited to come back to the renewed building for work every day and bring her husband, Eric, and kiddos, Addison, Bronson and Elsie in for pie!

Kate’s favorite pie? “Pumpkin with vanilla whipped cream, ever so closely followed by apple pie a la mode.”