Top Dog

Hi! My name is Jacob Henry Graham, you can call me Jake.

I’m the third generation of sharpei/Jack Russell crosses in the Graham household — and I’m adding my unique personality to the family!

I’m a Virgo, so I have a unique sense of style and am a very analytical thinker. I’ve already figured out which houses in the neighborhood have kids and other dogs. Visiting our neighbors makes me SO happy, even though I’ve been told I can’t go.

Farm dogs have many jobs:  I wake up each day and feed horses with Jack (my favorite snack is frozen horse poop). I have to chase the chickens and tackle as many as I can. They aren’t much fun and I’ve been told they are on an egg-laying sabbatical while I’m a puppy. The cows have to be fed every day and disappointingly, they’re not enamored with me, but we’re learning to get along.

Every day is an adventure for me.  The Ginger and Baker team loves me and I get plenty of attention and treats when I’m there. I highly recommend them!