Jack Graham owner Ginger and Baker Fort Colins, Colorado

Jack Graham


Jack has a long history in Fort Collins; first recruited to Colorado State University as a quarterback and then drafted into the NFL by the Miami Dolphins. Post football, he built a career in reinsurance, focused on helping people and businesses in areas exposed to catastrophic risks like hurricanes and earthquakes. (Ginger says he was just a disaster waiting to happen.). He founded and ran International Catastrophe Insurance Managers, launched the first US-based Lloyd’s of London syndicate and was recognized in 2003 as an Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

Jack’s zeal for all things football led him back to Fort Collins to propose the building of an on-campus football stadium at CSU and then to the role as CSU’s Athletic Director. In short order, CSU led the nation in wins and winning percentage for the four key sports. Jack loves to build things and win. (As for his favorite pie – he thinks the winner is pumpkin.)

Here at Ginger and Baker, the bold design of the new “pie shaped” building the careful restoration of the  adjoining historic mill absorbed months of Jack’s time, energy and passion for excellence. He watches over the physical spaces, manages the insurance requirements and enjoys a good steak at The Cache.