Ginger Graham, owner of Ginger and Baker

Ginger Graham


Ginger is an Arkansas native, raised on her family’s version of Old MacDonald’s farm with the usual dogs and cats, plus pigs, chickens, sheep, ducks, horses, beef and milk cows, a huge vegetable and flower garden, grape orchard and fruit trees.

She can herd, milk or rope a cow, make butter, dress a chicken, buck hay, sew up a tablecloth and make dinner for twenty at the drop of a hat.

Inspired by her mother, Earlene, co-founder/owner of the Sugar and Spice Catering, Cake and Candy Shop, Ginger learned to make twenty pie crusts at a time under her mom’s watchful eye. There was always someone who needed food – whether for a potluck, funeral, housewarming, or going home from the hospital. Pie was the perfect comfort food.

With a Harvard MBA and a track record of running businesses – one Fortune 500 and one Nasdaq 100 – she brings business savvy to a love of tradition and sharing through local, fresh, handmade food.

Ginger’s favorite pie? Earlene’s Strawberry Pie, a recipe from her mom.