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Chef Deb Traylor, Ginger and Baker, Fort Collins Colorado

Deborrah Traylor

Culinary Director

Chef Deb, the “Baker” of Ginger and Baker, is a seventh generation Texan who grew up crabbing and fishing on inter-coastal waterways. By the age of 6, she had dreams of being a chef. Obsessed with Julia Child, and the child of her single mom, Helen, Deb learned to cook and started collecting cookbooks by the age 11. With a collection of over 1800 cookbooks, there’s nothing she won’t try.

Deb has cooked in a twelfth century castle, aboard a private yacht and on top of Medicine Bow Mountain. She’s hiked three miles to a yurt to provide an exquisite meal for two, and helicoptered to 12,000 feet to cook for a private celebration. She’s been a personal chef and provided sumptuous dinners for executives, stars and politicos for years.

The quality, meaning and shared joy of food provide Deb with her drive and inspiration. As a culinary instructor and self-declared “food pusher” she can butcher, fish, forage and make fire. Ask for her recipe and be blessed. Sample her food and be transported.


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