Ginger Graham, owner of Ginger and Baker

While researching our old building’s past, we learned a lot about its 100 year+ history. The location of the building

I admit it, I’m a sucker for before and after pictures. Just the title “before and after” creates a sense

No, we’re not talking about the recent judgement issuing an injunction against Fort Collins’ ordinance banning women from going topless,

The catwalk was once a busy part of the mill. Located on the uppermost rafters of the mill (what might

Windows, Sashes and Doors, Oh My! by Ginger Graham In 2013, the State Historical Fund and History Colorado received a

Sticky Business by Ginger Graham While the external work on the new construction is highly visible, there is also a

Feeders Supply at night. Photo by George Hendrix Celebrating Our Roots The Northern Colorado Feeders Supply building has been a

Breaking Ground at Ginger and Baker By Chef Deb Traylor It’s hard to believe we’ve officially broken ground on this