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Our busy baking team requires three days advance notice for online pies, so your order needs to be completed 72 hours prior to your selected pickup date.

Enter any special notes and prep details on the checkout page. We’ve capped it at 10 pies per order online, but you can order as many as you wish if you give us a call or stop by!

All pies are 11 inches, unless otherwise noted, and serve 8-10.

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Apple Pie at Ginger and Baker, order pies in fort collins

Apple Pie

Flaky double crust pie filled with autumn spice and three varieties of seasonal apples - eleven apples in every pie!
Classic Pumpkin Pie, Ginger and Baker

Pumpkin Pie

Classic, creamy pumpkin custard in a flaky crust topped with whipped cream and seasonal crust cut-outs.

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Maple Bourbon Pecan Pie at Ginger and Baker

Maple Pecan Pie

Flaky crust, loads of delicious pecans and the perfect touch of maple sweetness. Go nuts!

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Lattice Crust Cherry Pie Ginger and Baker

Cherry Pie

So pretty and so, so good. Flaky lattice crust bursting with sweet/tart cherries. Perfect served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

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Ginger and Baker's famous Quadruple Coconut Cream Pie, customer favorite!

Quadruple Coconut Cream Pie

Our best seller, a filling of coconut cream and coconut milk, shredded coconut in the crust and toasted coconut on top of whipped cream.
Passionfruit Meringue Pie From Ginger and Baker

Lemon Meringue Pie

A beloved classic - flaky butter crust, tart lemon curd and mounds of fluffy meringue torched to perfection!
Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie, Ginger and Baker, Best pie in Fort Collins Colorado

Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

Vegan Chocolate Oreo crust coated in a dark chocolate coconut ganache, peanut butter mousse, whipped coconut cream and crunchy toasted coconut with chocolate pearls to garnish.

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Mocha Chocolate Mousse Pie from Ginger and Baker in Fort Collins, best pie ever

Mocha Chocolate Mousse Pie

Chocolate Oreo crust, chocolate ganache and Kahlua mocha mousse.

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Ginger and Baker Tiramisu Pie, best pie in Fort Collins

Tiramisu Pie

Snickerdoodle crust, Italian style Marsala mousse topped with whipped cream, cocoa powder and espresso powder.

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Sweet Potato Pie at Ginger and Baker

Sweet Potato Pie

Creamy homestyle sweet potato pie with browned butter and Frangelico, topped with toasted hazelnuts and torched marshmallow meringue.

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Apple Cider Pie at Ginger and Baker

Maple Cider Pie

Apple cider meets maple syrup in this cooked apple butter marriage baked into a double flaky butter crust.

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Tart and tangy cranberry pie from Ginger and Baker in Fort Collins

Cranberry Pie (GF/Vegan)

Tart cranberries baked with sweet raspberries, brown sugar and orange juice in a gluten-free and vegan double crust.

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Ginger and Baker Fresh Fruit Pavlova

Individual Pavlova Pie (GF)

Naturally gluten-free baked meringue crust is filled with yogurt lemon cream and garnished with seasonal fruit and berries. (Served as individual portions.)

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Seasonal Vegetable Quiche from the Market at Ginger and Baker in Fort Collins

Seasonal Veggie Quiche

Flaky crust filled with flavorful, seasonal vegetables and cheeses within a rich egg custard.

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Ginger and Baker Sourdough Bread is so amazing

Sourdough Bread

This chewy, crusty loaf is a cult favorite here at Ginger and Baker. Some like it toasted so they can fill all the nooks and crannies with butter. Others swear it makes the best sandwich in the land. Each 2 pound loaf, has 12-18 slices, and makes 6-8 sandwiches, or lasts for 1 car ride home. 
Online Pie Orders Ginger and Baker Fort Collins

Wooden Pie Box

Perfect for gift-giving, travel or as a keepsake, order your pie with its own pie box!

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We’ve capped the number of pies to 10 pies per order online, but you can order as many as you wish if you give us a call or stop by!

Allergen Disclaimer: peanuts, tree-nuts, gluten, dairy, eggs, and soy are all present in the kitchen.