Chocolate Chess Tarts

Spring has sprung! It seems like everything turned green overnight here in Colorado, and while we’ll still probably see a dusting or two of spring snow, the trees are flowering, tulips are starting to show and violets, pansies and violas are popping up everywhere. These early flowers are perfectly edible (if they haven’t been sprayed) […]

Italian Easter Pie

Traditions, new and old It’s springtime in beautiful Colorado and many of us will be celebrating Easter this weekend. For some, Easter tradition dictates serving a big beautiful ham, scalloped potatoes drenched in heavy cream and cheese, fresh green beans, and a salad… just for effect. 🙂 But as we sat down and planned our spring […]

Restoration & Construction, Part VI

Topless in Fort Collins By Ginger Graham No, we’re not talking about the recent judgement issuing an injunction against Ft. Collins’ ordinance banning women from going topless, we’re just worried about our building! With late winter weather dropping rain and snow, and the slightly unstable peaks of the building completely exposed, we’re rushing to stabilize and […]