Breaking Ground at Ginger and Baker By Chef Deb Traylor It’s hard to believe we’ve officially broken ground on this incredible project. While Ginger has had the idea of a pie shop for several years, she and I began to talk about making it a reality just two years ago.  Initially, we’d planned on a little […]

Easy Apricot Spoon Jam and Homemade Almond Extract

Apricots for Days and Days By Chef Deb Traylor In a previous post I mentioned I received fifteen pounds of apricots as a gift. On it’s own it was a wonderful score, but it had us thinking about all the things we could do to use up every bit of the fruit. We made apricot […]

Apricot Pico de Gallo

Summer Spice By Chef Deb Traylor Faced with an entire cooler full of apricots, we decided to use a pound or two to make a simple little Apricot Pico De Gallo. An apricot’s firm texture and tart, not-too-sweet flavor make it a perfect substitute for tomatoes! First, we grilled the apricots to deepen their delicious […]

Apricot Mascarpone Tart with Honey & Thyme

Love and Apricots By Chef Deb Traylor I wanted to start this post with how much I adore apricots, but then I realized I use the words “love/adore/favorite” in every post. Is it really possible to have strong feelings towards every produce item? Can one person have so many favorites? Yes, and yes! If I […]