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We're A Little Pie Crazy

There's Room For You, Too

As you may have noticed, we’re a little crazy about pie here at Ginger and Baker. On the Café menu, you’ll find everything from pot pies to cream pies. There are homestyle pies in our Bakery and haute-style pies at The Cache. Our new building is even shaped like a slice of pie!

Why? Because we believe pie is the fastest way to memories, to family, to comfort and to pure satisfaction. Whether it’s a hand pie for one or a slab pie for many, a savory pot pie on a cold day or a slice of fruit pie for breakfast, we believe wrapping a little crust around a few good ingredients brings out the best in them, and in us.

Comfort Food Done Right

Breakfast All Day, And More

Biscuits are our business. So are fried chicken, pimento cheese and eggs over easy. The Café is the place where we get to share all of our fondest food memories in delicious new ways.

Big breakfasts we devoured at Grandma’s table, working lunches shared at noon with cousins on the farm, retro food cravings and sweet treats that bring back the feeling of being a kid again. Keep checking back, because if your favorite comfort food isn’t on the menu now, odds are it will make its way there in the future.

Bottom line, food has always been one of the ways we’ve shared love, and we’re so happy we can share that with you here at the Café.