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Comfort Food Done Right

Breakfast All Day, And Then Some

Biscuits are our business. So are fried chicken, pimento cheese and eggs over easy. The Café is the place where we get to share all of our fondest food memories in delicious new ways. Big breakfasts we devoured at Grandma’s table, working lunches shared with cousins on the farm, retro food cravings and sweet treats that bring back the feeling of being a kid again. Bottom line, food has always been one of the ways we’ve shared love, and we’re so happy we can share that with you here at the Café.

Farm Fresh

Pasture Raised Eggs, Honey From Our Hives

There’s something about Northern Colorado ingredients that are like no other. That’s why we look to Fort Collins’ Jodar Farms for free range eggs for our omelets, Benedicts and more. Honey from our own hives sweeten baked goods and sauces, and fresh herbs from our farm add brightness and flavor. We’re not all locally sourced yet, but look for more and more local bounty as we continue to grow. Find out more about our sustainability efforts here.