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Chris Perrine, events chef Ginger and Baker Fort Collins Colorado

Chris Perrine

Executive Chef

Chef Chris is the mastermind behind much of the glorious food here at Ginger and Baker, working with the Café and The Cache chefs and overseeing menus for events.

Chris grew up in south Florida, started cooking when he was just 15 and quickly moved up the ranks at area restaurants. “I’ve always loved cooking, I’m the oldest of four boys and I always cooked with my mom at home, too.”

Chris is also an avid skateboarder and surfer, “Friends said, ‘Hey, Colorado’s got this thing called snowboarding, you gotta try it,’ so I packed up a U-Haul and moved here.”

Chris ended up in ski-country where he worked at high-end restaurants and resorts in Vail and Beaver Creek and also met his wife, Milena. The couple now makes their home here in Fort Collins with their son, Reese.

Chris and Milena work together on a thriving beer and food blog,, and Chris loves making sausage, smoking meats and making beer. “I’ve been a home brewer for several years, and it’s great living in this area, it’s the Napa Valley of beer,” he said.

As for working at Ginger and Baker, Chris says he enjoys the challenge. “I love it, there’s a strong desire for perfection here and everyone is always striving to achieve,” Chris said. “Cooking for events can be nerve wracking, but it’s totally worth it to see the smile on people’s faces when they are enjoying their special day. The satisfaction of seeing someone enjoy what you do is better than anything.”

His favorite pie? “Strawberry Rhubarb. My grandfather would always make it and bring it for Thanksgiving dinner.”


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