Candra Daves

Bakery Production Assistant Manager

Endless curiosity, a quick wit and a passion for pastry are just a few of the skills Candra brings to G&B’s team of talented bakers.

A Fort Collins native, Candra has been coming to the G&B building since it was a feed store way back in the day. “I got my first cat here! My mom and I came in for chicken feed and they had a box of free cats.”

After graduating from Poudre High, Candra worked admin and office jobs. “But to destress I baked,” Candra said. “So, I decided that was my field.” She managed the kitchen at Avuncular Bob’s until they closed, then started her own catering business making pastries for area coffee shops as well as creating wedding cakes. “I love to create a white cake with clean, sleek lines, then decorate it with white roses and eucalyptus.”

When she saw the opening here at G&B, she knew she had to apply. “I loved watching the building transform, it was the talk of the town,” she said. “I came over for a chicken pot pie as soon as I could. I’ve had so many since then and never get sick of it.”

Now that she’s on the baking team, her love of baking hasn’t waned. “Baking itself is so satisfying, you get to see all your hard work come together when something comes out of the oven. I love the science and chemistry behind it,” Candra said. “And I love the people here, we laugh so much in the bakery. Who I get to work with is as amazing as all the stuff I get to create.”

When not working, Candra enjoys spending time with her husband, Cody, their boxer-lab mix Case, and their two chickens, Joey and Chandler. She’s also an avid reader, loves watching cooking competition shows and, of course, baking. “Right now, I’m so into sourdough. My husband may be tired of eating sourdough every night, but I just made a double chocolate chip sourdough. How can you get sick of that?”

Her favorite pie? “Pot pie! The chicken pot pie here and my grandmother makes one with Guinness and lamb that’s just so good.”