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Ginger and Baker housemade cherry jam

Cherry Jam

Our wonderful housemade cherry jam combines tart cherries, cane sugar, pectin, almond extract and butter.

Classic Chocolate Cream Pie from Ginger and Baker in Fort Collins, CO

Classic Chocolate Cream

Just like you remember it! Flaky butter crust mounded with rich chocolate pudding and topped with whipped cream.

Ginger and Baker Coconut Chai Tea

Coconut Chai Tea Latte Mix

Our creamy, dreamy house chai tea has so many fans, we decided to make it available for everyone!

Ginger and Baker Signature Mug

G&B Coffee Mug

There’s nothing like sipping good coffee from a great mug.

Ginger and Baker Soft Sided Travel Cooler

G&B Cooler Tote Bag

Hit the road with this Ginger and Baker soft-sided cooler tote!

Ginger and Baker flour sack dish towel

G&B Flour Sack Dish Towel

Practical, useful and oh, so pretty, our Ginger and Baker flour sack dish towel harkens back to grandma’s kitchen.

Ginger and Baker Frisbee found in their Market or at

G&B Frisbee

Fling it to a friend, toss it to your pup or take it to the ultimate course. This fabulous flying disc makes a perfect gift from Fort Collins.

Ginger and Baker Amber Glass Growler

G&B Growler Amber Glass

Keep your brew cold and stylish with this sturdy,  amber glass 64 oz. beer growler. So sparkly!

Ginger and Baker Matte Black Growler

G&B Growler Matte Black

Keep your brew cold and stylish with this sturdy, matte black, 64 oz. beer growler.

Ginger and Baker Stainless Steel Growler

G&B Growler Stainless Steel

Keep your brew cold and stylish with this sturdy, stainless steel, 64 oz. beer growler. So shiny!

Ginger and Baker Growler and Tote

G&B Growler Stainless Steel with Tote

Looking for a dapper way to carry your brew?

Ginger and Baker Historic Mill Ornament

G&B Historic Mill Ornament

Add a little Fort Collins history to your holiday decor with this wooden, laser engraved ornament featuring our iconic historic building!

Ginger and Baker house coffee beans

G&B House Blend Coffee

This is it, the delicious coffee that’s served throughout Ginger and Baker, from the coffee shop to The Cache.

Delicious housemade granola from Ginger and Baker

G&B Housemade Granola

Created by our bakers, this unique granola has become a customer favorite.

Ginger and Baker Ornament

G&B Ornament

Based on a drawing of our old and new buildings by local artist Emma Mannino, this wooden, laser engraved ornament will add a little Fort Collins love to decking your halls.

Ginger and Baker Picnic Basket

G&B Picnic Basket

Picnic in style with this iconic country basket in a traditional, hand-woven willow design.

Ginger and Baker Apron

G&B Signature Apron

We tested a lot of aprons before we found this one that’s now worn by staff throughout the Market and Cache.

Ginger and Baker Apple Pie Spice Blend

G&B Spices: Apple Pie Spice

This magical blend of harvest spices takes apple pies, crisps, cobblers and morer to the next level. Get baking!

Ginger and Baker Brick Red Blend Spice

G&B Spices: Brick Red Blend

This smoky, spicy, Southwest-style blend brings out the best in fish tacos, ceviche, chili, guacamole, veggie burritos and more.

Ginger and Baker Crust Dust Spice blend keeps pie crust crisp

G&B Spices: Crust Dust

Our baking team swears by this wonderful blend!

Ginger and Baker Farmstand Spice Blend

G&B Spices: Farmstand Blend

Veggies, meet your new best friend. this mix of warm, savory spices brings out the best in fresh vegetables, as well as chicken or pork.

Ginger and Baker Gunpowder Rub Spice blend

G&B Spices: Gunpowder Rub

Wake up your steaks, chops and roasts with this flavorful blend of bindle coffee, chilies and spice. Pow!

Ginger and Baker Jack of All Spices Spice blend

G&B Spices: Jack Of All Spices

Use this mouthwatering, multipurpose blend on fries, in dressing or soup, with olive oil and bread, on roasted veggies and on the rim of Bloody Marys.

Ginger and Baker Mesa Masala Spice Blend

G&B Spices: Mesa Masala

Sprinkle this outrageously delicious blend of heady spice on veggies, rice. curries,. pork chops and even popcorn!

Ginger and Baker Travel Mug available at their Market or website

G&B Travel Mug

Take a little Ginger and Baker with you wherever you go while keeping your drinks piping hot or icy cold.

Gift Card

Ginger and Baker Gift Cards

The perfect gift for everyone! Gift Cards may be used anywhere at Ginger and Baker.

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Ginger Peach Jam made with Palisade peaches

Ginger Peach Jam

Housemade Ginger Peach Jam made with juicy peaches from Palisade, Colorado and fresh ginger. Delicious!

Ginger's Porch Party Iced Tea blend from Ginger and Baker

Ginger’s Porch Party Iced Tea

Mix up a big pitcher of this zingy blend of hibiscus, lemongrass, ginger and spearmint, call a few friends and head out to the porch for good old-fashioned relaxing.

Ginger and Baker Linden Street Spice Tea available in the market or

Linden Street Spice Black Tea

Named after our street here in downtown Fort Collins, this delicious blend of black and Earl Grey teas includes ginger, cacao nibs, orange peel and szechwan peppercorns.

Ginger and Baker Plum Jelly

Plum Jelly

Our housemade plum jelly combines fresh plums, a bit of sugar, pectin and a little butter to bring it all together.

Gluten-Free and Vegan Blueberry Pie from Ginger and Baker

Blueberry Pie (GF, Vegan)

Loads of juicy, sweet blueberries classically baked in a gluten-free and vegan double crust.

Best of Fort Collins Gift Basket from Ginger and Baker

FoCo’s Finest

A great way to share the flavors of Ginger and Baker with family and friends. The Best of Fort Collins gift basket includes a decorative lined crate filled with a curated selection of our favorite housemade goods.

Pie Baking Tools in the Pie Madness Gift Basket at Ginger and Baker

Pie Madness

Baking up a homemade pie is of one the best ways we know to share love. With that in mind, we’ve stocked this gift basket with some of our favorite pie baking tools.

NoCo Gift Basket from Ginger and Baker

NoCo Wakeup

Give the gift of a delicious morning! Our NoCo (Northern Colorado) Wakeup gift basket is chock full of rise-and-shine essentials.

Earlene's Strawberry Pie, vintage pie recipes, Ginger and Baker, best pie in Fort Collins Colorado

Earlene’s Strawberry Pie

Ginger’s mom’s recipe. Fresh strawberries in a delicious strawberry filling topped with fluffy whipped cream.

Passionfruit Meringue Pie From Ginger and Baker

Lemon Meringue Pie

A beloved classic – flaky butter crust, tart lemon curd and mounds of fluffy meringue torched to perfection!

Ginger and Baker Sourdough Bread is so amazing

Sourdough Bread

This chewy, crusty loaf is a cult favorite here at Ginger and Baker.

Ginger and Baker's famous Quadruple Coconut Cream Pie, customer favorite!

Quadruple Coconut Cream Pie

Our best seller, a filling of coconut cream and coconut milk, shredded coconut in the crust and toasted coconut on top of whipped cream.

Apple Pie at Ginger and Baker, order pies in fort collins

Apple Pie

Flaky double crust pie filled with autumn spice and three varieties of seasonal apples – eleven apples in every pie!