Taylor Scully manager of The Cafe at Ginger and Baker

Taylor Scully

Manager, The Café

Taylor joins the Ginger and Baker team from California, where she managed the rooftop restaurant at the Waldorf Astoria in Beverly Hills.

She grew up in Malibu and got her start managing movie theaters before she made the move to restaurants. “Managing restaurants gives me a chance to build a great team and tackle crazy situations,” Taylor said. “Plus, everyone eats, so it gives me a chance to meet and interact with all kinds of people.”

Taylor had been planning a move to get away from the congestion in LA and when she was exploring Fort Collins online she found this job. “It all lined up perfectly,” Taylor said. “My boyfriend is planning on graduate school as well, so we loaded up the car with our two cats and dog and here we are!”

Taylor said one of her favorite things about Ginger and Baker is the transformation and preservation of the old mill. “I don’t think you’ll find a bigger passion project in Fort Collins,” she said. “And LA doesn’t have a lot of history, so this building offers a fun way to start learning about Fort Collins.”

When not working, Taylor enjoys horseback riding, in fact, she was a competitive equestrian growing up.

As for her favorite pie? “Anything chocolate, if it’s got chocolate, I’m in!”

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