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Savannah Pucel, Event Coordinator at Ginger and Baker

Savannah Bautista

Event Coordinator

If you’ve hosted or attended an event here at Ginger and Baker lately, chances are you’ve worked with Savannah, our event coordinator extraordinaire, who prides herself in making every event special, personal and memorable.

Savannah grew up in Cheyenne, Wyoming, then graduated from Loveland High School. At Johnson & Wales University in Denver, she earned an associate degree in culinary arts and a bachelor’s in food service management specializing in events and double-majored in food sustainability.

“I learned my love of cooking and hospitality from my great-grandfather,” Savannah said. “He was a chef at the Biltmore Hotel in Santa Barbara for thirty years and he taught me to cook as soon as I could hold a spatula.”

Savannah spent seven years working for Denver’s premier kosher catering company, La Vie Catering, and had a stint managing a microbrewery in Wisconsin before coming back to Colorado and joining the team at Ginger and Baker.

“I love that Ginger and Baker is not just one thing, we’re everything. It’s become a destination,” Savannah said. “Plus, I love Ginger and Jack, it’s great to work for people who not only say they care about their employees, but they also really show it and want to build and support their staff and community.”

“And I love coordinating events, being able to facilitate weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, even celebrations of life,” Savannah continued. “It’s all about families and community and being able to help create a day that will be memorable for the rest of the participants lives. “

When she’s not working, Savannah makes bath and beauty products with locally sourced ingredients like goat’s milk and beeswax – lotions, soaps, even lip stains. “I’m also a crafter, I love to make cards and garden,” she said. “And hang out with my dog, Mo, he’s a sort of chihuahua/whippet/melting pot of cuteness.”

Her favorite pie? “Peach! Peach is my favorite fruit and there’s nothing better than a Colorado peach pie.”

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