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Mike Davis Café Sous Chef at Ginger and Baker

Mike Davis

Café Sous Chef

Mike Davis’ earliest memories of cooking revolve around his grandparents’ kitchen. “I remember being little and standing on a stool helping Grandma stir things,” Mike said. “The only rule was that I had to keep one hand behind my back so I didn’t burn myself.”

A Colorado native, Mike was born and raised in Greeley, and started cooking professionally after high school – this time using both hands 😉 ”I started in fast food, then worked in Vegas for ten years on The Strip,” Mike said. “I started specializing in comfort food, big breakfasts and making great plates with good flavors.”

Mike brought his breakfast-making prowess to Ginger and Baker in 2018, and his biscuits and gravy have become a menu standout. “It’s one of Ginger’s favorites, so I always make her a little plate when I mix up a batch,” Mike said. “Eggs are another specialty, I can cook them really well, you might say over easy comes easy to me.”

“I really enjoy working here, it’s the first company that’s let me grow and given promotions. I started as a line cook, now I’m sous chef and I continue to grow and learn,” Mike said. “Plus the community is just so friendly and happy and will do anything for the guests. We all go above and beyond what’s expected in most restaurants.”

When not working, Mike likes to spend time with his dogs, Hope the silver lab, Marley, a boxer terrier, and Leah, a Siberian husky boxer mix. “They love to do anything that involves walks or throwing a ball,” Mike said.

His favorite pie? Cookies & Cream, extra cookies.

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