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Loyd Smith

Chef de Cuisine, The Cache

Chef Loyd’s culinary philosophy includes coaxing the best out of simple, quality ingredients to create dishes that are sometimes surprising and always elegant. He’s also a master at bringing out the best in the people around him, whether it’s his team in The Cache or the rest of us here at Ginger and Baker.

“I like to surround myself with people who are happy because that makes me happy,” Loyd said, “And I’ll take extra time out of my day to help create that, so I stay that way.”

Loyd hails from Northern California, where his culinary education began at age 17 cooking on yachts for Commodore Cruises and Events. “People would come from all over the world to have parties on the yachts,” he said. “It was different than a classic professional kitchen because I had a chance to spend time with the guests and see their reaction to the food firsthand.”

Loyd made the move to Colorado several years ago and was sous chef at Nick’s Italian for four years then did a stint as sous at Jay’s Bistro. “Then I started on the line in The Cache and was promoted to sous within a couple months,” he said. “Seven months later I joined Chef George Gastl and now we’re co-chefs de cuisine.”

“George and I collaborate, he’s a breath of fresh air,” Loyd said. “I came up in kitchens where the chefs weren’t always approachable or personable, but George is not only incredibly skilled, he’s also all about sharing ideas and learning from all of us.”

Loyd said the team is looking forward to changing dishes every season, bringing in lots of things from the Ginger and Baker farm and creating dishes you won’t see on any other menu.

When not working, Loyd enjoys spending time with his girlfriend and getting outside as much as he can. “I like to be in the water, I’ll float the Poudre or Horsetooth every week,” he said. “I also like freestyling, writing music and singing.”

His favorite pie? “I like pumpkin pie, my mom would have other pie around all the time, but I wasn’t interested. Then Thanksgiving came around and it just hit different, pumpkin is my flavor. I like it cold, with Cool Whip, all that.”


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