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Kenzie Neubert

Head Baker

Kenzie is a human dynamo, no doubt about it. She started baking at age 10 and by fourteen, she’d blown through all her mother’s cookbooks. Since then, she’s graduated from culinary school, worked as an executive pastry chef (and sous chef at the same time), bought her own home and now she’s taken on the role of head baker here at Ginger and Baker. And at 24, she’s just getting started.

“I’m always trying to figure out where else can I push the limits,” Kenzie said. “I want to keep moving forward, learning and proving myself. I want to create amazing desserts in The Cache and events, make wedding cakes, I want Ginger and Baker to be the best we can be here in Fort Collins, there’s so much we can do!”

Born in Southern Arizona, Kenzie’s family moved to Northern Colorado when she was four. “But I’m a desert girl at heart, still love the heat,” she said.

After graduating from Loveland High School, Kenzie majored in Pastry & Baking at Johnson & Wales University in Denver. A variety of culinary jobs followed, and before Ginger and Baker, Kenzie was executive pastry chef and sous chef at Rare. “By then, I’d been working a lot of hours at a lot of places, I was burned out,” Kenzie said. “Coming to Ginger and Baker was my last shot at wanting to cook and bake. I applied for a line cook position, I just wanted to cook and not be in charge. But as I got my feet underneath me, I realized I missed being in a leadership position.”

Her favorite part about working at Ginger and Baker? “In the past I was always the only girl in a male workplace. I researched Ginger and Baker and saw that there were a lot of women here. I trained under Bridget (Bridget Batson, our Executive Sous Chef) and saw her whipping the boys into shape. Then I met Ginger and have learned so much from her about management and how not to be the “angry chef.”

When not working, Kenzie loves to paint and spend time in her house. “I love to drink coffee and eat toast and watch my sprinklers turn on, just like an old man,” she said. She shares her home with Lily, a rescue pit bull, Hershey, a chocolate lab she’s had since she was in fourth grade and Leo the little demon cat. “I mostly bought the house for all of them.”

Her favorite pie?” I make a ricotta pie, like a cannoli in pie form, it’s so much better than cheesecake. I also make a great chocolate pecan pie. They both just might show up here.”

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