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Jill Bongers

Coffee Shop Manager

The Market and Coffee Shop are the heart of our old mill, and Jill Bongers has been making those spaces warm and welcoming since we first opened our doors. “I like that our job is to provide a place for joy for people,” Jill said. “People come in to celebrate, to have a fun night out or to grab a treat to sweeten their day. We see all kinds of sweet moments, and not every job allows you to witness peoples’ joy on a regular basis like this one does.”

A Colorado girl, Jill grew up in Centennial, studied Design and Business at Fort Lewis in Durango, then moved to Fort Collins several years ago, joining friends and her twin brother here in town.

When Ginger and Baker first opened, Jill got her start as a barista and then she and Pascale Geniaux stepped up to help oversee the Coffee Shop and Market. “We were in a good position to support our team,” Jill said. “Our goal has always been to make this a place where our staff feel seen, heard, and respected”.

And that role includes a little bit of everything. “I help keep the coffee shop running, I create seasonal drink recipes, communicate with other local businesses on our collaborations like our coffee and house chai, and I look at my role as being the emotional manager of my team. I’ve been here since the beginning, so I know a little bit about everything and try to lend a helping hand to all the departments.”

The best part of her job? “I love the creativity and working with a team,” Jill said. “2020 was a rollercoaster of a year and it was super special to have a family at work, and a team that cares so much about each other and our guests. I love our commitment to community and providing a space that encourages connection.”

When not working, Jill likes spending time with her partner, Spencer, who she met here at Ginger and Baker three years ago, and her new black lab puppy, Olive. Spending time outdoors, hiking and camping and practicing mindfulness and self-care also make the list.

As for her favorite pie? “Blueberry. With a little bit of vanilla ice cream. Always. A little bit of summer in dessert form.”

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