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Geneva de Geus

Teaching Kitchen Coordinator

Spend any time with Geneva, our Teaching Kitchen Coordinator, and her joyful enthusiasm and infectious humor will have you ready to roll up your sleeves and have fun!

While her playful spirit is ever present, Geneva also brings serious skills to the table. She’s worked in high-end professional kitchens and as a private chef for more than 20 years, both in the US and Germany.

Stateside, she mastered Genovese-style Italian cuisine at Farina’s Italian Restaurant in San Francisco and was pastry chef at Citronelle at Carmel Valley Ranch and Shanahan’s Steakhouse in Denver. In Germany (yep, she’s fluent) Geneva worked in restaurants, designed wedding cakes and ran her own company, Sweet Little Bites Cake Company in Bitburg, Germany.

Geneva also spent two years training under Michelin starred chef Michel Richard and graduated magna cum laude from Le Cordon Bleu with degrees in both culinary arts and culinary management.

She joined the Ginger and Baker team in the spring of 2022. “I love the value system and the positive work environment,” Geneva said. “I enjoy working for strong leaders with a clear vision and high expectations. Plus, I enjoy making a difference by teaching people how much fun it is to cook!”

In her free time, Geneva loves spending time with her kids. “It’s great to follow their extracurriculars; baseball, tennis, rock climbing, gymnastics, orchestra or golf,” she said.  “Otherwise, we love to be adventurous and spontaneous, whether it’s going tubing up at Horsetooth, a good ole fashioned food fight or going’ for a cruise in my convertible!”

Her favorite pie? “Here at Ginger and Baker, I haven’t tried them all yet, I heard that pacing yourself is a thing, 😉 but I love our chocolate pie, or the vegan peanut butter pie! OMG That crust/filling combo!”



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