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Eric Petersen, Facilities Manager at Ginger and Baker

Eric Petersen

Facilities Manager

How do you keep a 100-year-old building happy? Your best bet is to ask Eric Petersen, the guy who keeps everything ticking throughout Ginger and Baker. “My job is to keep it all running well – the kitchens, machinery, and the old mill,” Eric said. “It can be a challenge working with a structure this old, especially when it’s on the historical list, but it’s worth it.”

Born and raised in Cedar Falls, Iowa, Eric moved to Northern Colorado 25 years ago. “I had a long career in human resources working with juvenile delinquents and then as a Larimer County probation officer,” Eric said.

Eric joined Ginger and Baker in 2021, and he continues to learn more about the place every day. “There are a lot of different components,” he said. “It’s such a beautiful old building, I’m really excited about working in this environment.”

When not working, Eric is an avid cyclist, exploring Northern Colorado on his road bike. He also loves hiking with his wife, their 14-year-old daughter, and their Catahoula mix named Maddie Jo. The family also includes his two adult daughters.

Listening to music is another passion. “I’m kind of a mutt, I listen to so many different genres in one sitting it’s ridiculous,” he said, “I was listening to Hawaiian music before I came to work this morning. It could have been anything, country, hip hop, Christian… my daughters are the only ones that can handle it.”

His favorite pie? “Cherry pie, and I love apple with ice cream!”


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