Dioselina “Diose” Smith

Event Coordinator

Making each event unique and seamless can be challenging, but Diose makes it look effortless, probably due to her background in the hectic worlds of restaurants and health care.

Born here in Northern Colorado, Diose grew up between Greeley and Texas, where her father owned a Mexican restaurant. “My father was a chef in Colombia and then here, so the restaurant was our family kitchen,” she said.

Diose started her career in medical administration and spent time in management at restaurants in Dallas and San Antonio. She made the move back to Northern Colorado to be closer to her younger brother and nieces and nephews and to attend Escoffier Culinary School in Boulder.

“But then COVID happened, and I went back into healthcare. I was in Urgent Care administration, but they pulled everyone into doing testing who was qualified,” she said. “It was a challenge for sure, but necessary.”

In 2022, we were lucky to have her join the team here at Ginger and Baker. “I like the culture, the people and the food, if you want a list of the top three,” Diose said. “I like how everyone works as a team. No matter what department you’re in, everyone always there to help each other learn. Plus, I see Ginger working in the back and it reminds me of my dad at his restaurant. “

“With events, I like being able to put guests’ ideas together and help fulfill their goals,” she said. “When people ask for a unique experience, it’s great to have the option to put them in the Teaching Kitchen for a class or a wine tasting in the Wine Cellar.”

When not working, Diose likes to barbecue and hang out with her family and to cook with her husband, Rhasheed, and his family, too.

Her favorite pie – “Chocolate Explosion because any kind of chocolate is so good. I also like a classic apple pie if I had a choice between fruit pies.”

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