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Bridget Batson

Executive Sous Chef

Behind Chef Bridget’s calm and quiet presence is a resume filled with incredible experience. Her well-honed skills are essential to keeping the culinary team working smoothly and you can find her everywhere from overseeing the ordering to working the line in The Cache, helping out in the bakery or creating exquisite menus for events.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Chef Bridget graduated with a Pastry Arts Degree from the NY Institute of Culinary Education. Despite this, she quickly moved into the savory side of cooking. “I love the exploration and freedom of savory cooking,” she said. “You can fix your mistakes, whereas in the bakery you can’t ;).”

Bridget moved to Boston after culinary school and worked on the line and as a chef for several restaurants, then made the move to San Francisco. She was Executive Chef at the acclaimed Hawthorne Lane Restaurant and helped transition the restaurant into Two.

She was then Executive Chef at Claude Lane, Gitane and Claudine Restaurants and brought both Gitane and Claudine to a three-star level, earning them places within the top 100 restaurants in San Francisco.

She then moved into culinary startups, working as a Culinary Director for Munchery in San Francisco, and Chief Culinary Officer at SupperBell and Baby Fresh Organics in Denver.

Before coming to Ginger and Baker, Bridget was Culinary Director at Elaine Bell Catering in Napa Valley, California, a high-profile catering company specializing in weddings, conventions and large parties.

The fires in Napa, followed by the pandemic, signaled a return to this area where she and her husband settled in Cheyenne, her husband’s hometown. Soon after, we were lucky to have her apply here.

“Working at Ginger and Baker has given me the opportunity to do multiple things, it’s very diverse,” Bridget said. “I get to do everything from ordering to bakery to events to working with the other chefs, it’s multitasking and it’s certainly not boring.”

Her culinary style deeply celebrates the seasons. “If it’s warm out, it’s time for fresh, crisp veggies, and in the winter, braised short ribs or a nice sticky beef stew with soft potatoes. Yum!”

When not working, Bridget enjoys spending time with her husband and their three dogs, Elvis, James Brown and Abner. She also loves gardening and, no surprise, does a lot of cooking at home.

Her favorite pie? No need to think about that one. Banana Cream.

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