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Pie Stories

Wedding Pie & The Deputy

by Charles Scoggin

“Good apple pies are a considerable part of our domestic happiness.”

Jane Austen

We’ll here’s my pie story. When my daughter got married, she decided to have ‘wedding pies’ rather an a wedding cake. During the post-wedding party at our home, a deputy sheriff appeared. “There’s been a complaint about the noise,” he said. (It had come from the trailer park downstream from us, go figure. I’d never complained about the gunshots from the park on Saturday nights. ;-).) Fortunately, the band had put up a sound monitor, and they showed the deputy that at no point had the band exceeded the county sound ordinance limit. “Some people need to get a life,” the deputy said. I then offered him a piece of pie. He smiled and said, “No thanks, but I appreciate that you didn’t offer me a doughnut. Party on.”


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