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Pie Stories

A Pecan Pie Like No Other

by Kate Cooper

I love pie… but not all pies equally. I have never been a fan of pecan pie – it’s not terrible, I just wasn’t a fan. My friend, neighbor and former colleague John grew up in Texas on the largest privately owned pecan farm in the country. Needless to say, his mom had some amazing pecan pie recipes. When I was three weeks into maternity leave with my second kiddo I was home, exhausted and JUST got my son to sleep and had dozed on the couch myself and then the doorbell rang. I sleepily (and with thinly veiled crankiness) opened the door to find John and his visiting mom with a, you guessed it, pecan pie. I pleasantly thanked them and took the pie inside thinking, “I woke up for this?!?” I figured I needed to do the polite thing and try it before writing my thank you note. To my delight it was AMAZING! Not only was it a good pecan pie it was a fabulous pie stacked up against all the other pies I have ever had. I ate two slices right then and was halfway through it by the time my husband got home (coincidentally his favorite pie is pecan). Per John, it is a secret family recipe. I tell everyone about that pie and haven’t tasted a pecan pie like that before or since!

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