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Pie Stories

Christmas Cherry Pie

by Kristy Hamilton

“Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy pie, which is pretty much the same thing.”


Christmas time is the best time of year! By far, it is my favorite holiday. I grew up with a mom that loved baking everything all year but especially during the holidays so it was always a very special time for me. I grew up in a household with just me and my mom so my assistance in the kitchen was always required! Although we would make 16-20 different types of cookies, 2-3 brownie flavors, a couple of cakes, and 8-10 different pies…. her cherry pie was something I always looked forward to. The handmade crust and the different types of cherries made for the best combination of sweet and sour! To this day, I can still smell the sweet aroma of that cherry pie and I can still feel the love she put into her hand crafted masterpiece!

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