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Pie Stories

The Pie Contest

by Brian Crowe

“An apple pie without some cheese, is like a kiss without a squeeze.”

Traditional saying

Okay, I have one. I worked at a church where the women’s ministry was holding a bake sale and contest. They rules said baked goods would be judged by 3 professional bakers from the neighboring metropolitan areas but said nothing about it being a ‘women’s only’ event. But when I asked around, everyone said a man would never be allowed to enter the contest. I discovered one or our administrative assistants was not a baker but wanted to participate and I asked if she would be willing to enter my apple pie to see how it would do in the competition. It was a simple pie with pecan topping but made with care and love. She entered the pie and amazingly enough, it won first place in the pie category. We never revealed that a man had baked the pie, even to this day. So apple pies have turned out to be my thing, this and bending the rules a bit.

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