More on our Temporary Closing

This week’s news of the continued spread of the COVID-19 Virus, and the need for all of us to take responsible steps to reduce public interaction, has weighed heavily on us. With over 110 employees and hundreds of daily guests in our building, we believe the right decision is to temporarily close our doors to the public. We want to do our part to help reduce exposure to the virus for everyone in our community and beyond.

Beginning today, March 16, we’ll be temporarily suspending service here in the building. Starting on Tuesday, March 17, we’ll begin offering food for pick up from 10am to 6pm. We will also be adding delivery service within the next several days.

We’ll be focusing on actions we can take to support our employees while providing pick up and delivery food options to the community. Our available menu, with individual and family options, will be posted on our website at

We take seriously the impact of this decision on our employees, suppliers and guests. We hope the risk to our community is reduced in the coming weeks so that soon we can again be a destination for community gatherings, celebrations, learning, dining and pie.

I’m thinking of you all.  Please take care and help those you can.