Photo by Marc Piscotty

Photo by Marc Piscotty


Our building once housed the Northern Colorado Feeders Supply, a brick and mortar symbol of Fort Collins’ ag roots; where friendliness, ingenuity and belief in a better future inspired farmers, ranchers and townspeople for generations.

Feeders Supply at night. Photo by George Hendrix

Feeders Supply at night. Photo by George Hendrix

This old place, built in 1905, continually reminds us where our food comes from and the community that supported this natural cycle. It was a gathering place where everyone was family. As we restore and build, this legacy continues to be our inspiration.

Once finished, Ginger and Baker will be a place for thoughtful, handcrafted food and goods that celebrate the seasons, honor their source and delight the senses.  Whether you’re meeting for a cup in the cafe, sitting down at the restaurant for a delicious meal, picking up fresh flowers and a gift from the market, or digging your fork into a slice of one of our fresh baked sweet or savory pies, you’ll always know you’re welcome.

Because some things never change.  

Our Roots

Earlene and Helen were tough Southern mamas who taught their daughters the value of hard work, a dollar earned, homemade goodness, a quality pie tin and a flour-covered apron.  On different career and life paths until 2010, a chance introduction brought Executive Ginger Graham and Chef Deb Traylor together. They discovered an instant connection around food and the kitchens of their past where family, friendship, loving, giving and sharing were everything. The rest is history. Meet Ginger and Baker.

Ginger and Deb. With a little help from Jed. Photo by Marc Piscotty

Ginger and Deb. With a little help from Jed. Photo by Marc Piscotty

Ginger Graham

Ginger is an Arkansas native, raised on her family’s version of Old MacDonald’s farm with the usual dogs and cats, plus pigs, chickens, sheep, ducks, horses, beef and milk cows, a huge vegetable and flower garden, grape orchard and fruit trees.  

She can herd, milk or rope a cow, make butter, dress a chicken, buck hay, sew up a tablecloth and make dinner for twenty at the drop of a hat.

Inspired by her mother, Earlene, co-founder/owner of the Sugar and Spice Catering, Cake and Candy Shop, Ginger learned to make 20 pie crusts at a time under her mom’s watchful eye.  There was always someone who needed food – whether for a potluck, funeral, housewarming, or going home from the hospital.  Pie was the perfect comfort food.

With a Harvard MBA and a track record of running businesses – one Fortune 500 and one Nasdaq 100 – she brings business savvy to a love of tradition and sharing with local, fresh, handmade food.

Deborrah Traylor (the Baker)

Ginger and Deb. Photo by Marc Piscotty

Ginger and Deb. Photo by Marc Piscotty

Deb is a seventh generation Texan who grew up crabbing and fishing on inter-coastal waterways. By the age of 6, she had dreams of being a chef.  Obsessed with Julia Child, and the child of her single mom Helen, she learned to cook and started collecting cookbooks by the age 11. With a collection of over 1800 cookbooks, there’s nothing she won’t try. 

Deb has cooked in a twelfth century castle, aboard a private yacht and on top of Medicine Bow Mountain; no destination is too challenging. She’s hiked three miles to a yurt to provide an exquisite meal for two and helicoptered to 12,000 feet to cook for a private celebration. She’s been a private chef and provided sumptuous dinners for executives, stars and politicos for years. 

The quality, meaning and shared joy of food provide Deb with her drive and inspiration. As a culinary instructor and self-declared “food pusher” she can butcher, fish, forage and make fire. Ask for her recipe and be blessed. Sample her food and be transported…

Dan Dreyfuss

Although born in the Bronx, NY, Dan has lived here in Colorado for more than twenty years, helping build thriving restaurants both locally and nationally.  With 33 years of industry experience, Dan has helped create everything from independent startups to multimillion dollar concepts, and even a classic pizza place of his own in Colorado Springs.

High energy, easy going and dedicated to success, Dan is looking forward to helping Ginger and Baker become a part of the Fort Collins’ restaurant community.

“It’s an incredible opportunity, helping to build something new and unique in Northern Colorado, along with the chance to work with a talented group of people,” Dan said. “It’s what every person in the hospitality industry dreams of. This is my dream come true.

When he’s not masterminding restaurants, Dan loves to plan adventures with his wife, Maile, and their kids, BaiLe and Martin, and maybe catch a ballgame. Or two.