River & Prairie

As chefs, we’re always on the search for new ways to look at food, whether it’s discovering unique ingredients or developing a new take on a standard dish. The recipe we’re sharing today, River & Prairie, is a new interpretation of the typical Surf & Turf found on countless menus. Who says it always has […]

Gazpacho Granita and Beet Ravioli

Diamond in the Rough by Chef Deb Traylor I think every one of us can relate to a time or place when we began some sort of endeavor or adventure and it turned out to be so much more than we ever expected. In fact, I think this is what makes each day so exciting! The […]

The Making of a Pumpkin Patch

A “Red Warty Thing” pumpkin from last year’s garden. Notes From the Farm by Ginger Graham I’ve always wanted a big pumpkin patch. There’s nothing more fun than walking through vines of Red Warty Things and too many One-Too-Many’s or beautiful Orange Smoothies and Big Whites, Howdens, New England Sugar Pie and Jack Be Little […]

Glazed Fried Cherry Hand Pies

Farmers Markets and Fried Cherry Pies by Chef Deb Traylor Things I love: family, friends, rescue dogs, a newly sharpened knife, an 11” American-made black steel frying pan, early mornings at my local farmers market and fried cherry pies!  I have an honest-to-goodness fondness for our local farmers, and this admiration is so strong that I […]