Frito Pie

Family size Frito Pie! Childhood Home and Frito Pie by Chef Deb Traylor I’ve always been a Texas girl, a proud seventh generation Texan, and I’ve loved my state and the people who live there. But when I was younger I spent a lot of time dreaming of faraway places, and of people and food […]

Rhubarb Floats and Sundaes

Swimming Upstream and Rhubarb Floats For as long as I can remember I’ve always been a bit different. Call it quirky, creative or “marching to a different drummer,” but for the most part, my brain is hardwired to think outside the box. Yep, I’m a little different, but not in a defiant or obnoxious sort of […]

Radishes, Three Ways

Never Too Busy by Chef Deb Traylor It’s an exciting time here at Ginger and Baker with so much going on! The building is getting closer and closer to completion and the team is growing exponentially as we bring on new management staff. There are still a million and one things to do and even […]

Honey Cakes

Things Are Buzzing Around Here! by Ginger Graham We’re making fast progress with construction and renovation on Ginger and Baker’s buildings, plus we’re hiring great staff and making lots of decisions about everything from wonderful products for the market to delicious things for the menus. Plus, we’re planting our garden for fall harvest and getting […]